Brand Site Operations

Setting up a Brand site is just the first part of ensuring your success in China’s eCommerce industry. The next step is proper management to cater to the Chinese online shopping environment.

Our team will evaluate your brand’s strategy and understand your other countries’ brand sites to ensure efficient management by maintaining your brand’s story and image.

Our services ranges from:
• Providing maintenance on the store’s layout and product presentation
• Creating long-tail product descriptions to appeal to the Chinese market
• Proof-reading on all work for complete accuracy
• Driving traffic to your brand site and increase conversion rate
• Delivering a satisfied shopping experience to all your customers
• And more.

Each brand we work with will have a dedicated operations team that will consist of a store manager, artwork designer, promotion specialist, product listing, strategic content and customer service representative.

We will provide you with market intelligence reports and store operations report on a timely basis to ensure you can manage your success.

Reach out to us today to see how we can help operate your brand site more efficiently.