Zingly – Leveraging the power of User-generated content

Do you know each day there are millions and millions of photos being posted on popular Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and more. Most often these photos are from your fans posting about how much they love your products. Can you make better use of them?

Zingly is a social commerce platform that leverages the power of user generated content mapped to products that you sell. Peer to peer sharing is powerful and are often very convincing to others. Let your fans help you sell your products by featuring them on your site.

Zingly acts as an alternative to traditional social pages on eCommerce Sites. The difference is that photos from fans can be featured and also mapped so they become shoppable on your site. This allows for style discoveries and inspirations for your fans. The platform aims to meet three main objectives:

- Increase conversion rates
- Increase engagement
- Increase traffic to your site

eCargo is an exclusive partner in distribution and management services of this platform. For more information please visit the product site at http://www.zingly.me/