We operate a range of global warehouse facilities in countries including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, U.S.A, U.K, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Turkey, Portugal, Russia, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Netherlands, Romania, Poland, Dubai, Uruguay (as a hub for distribution to all South American countries ) and other emerging retail markets around the world.

You send us products

Keep your products in any of eCargo’s global warehouse hubs to get closer to your customers:

UK, Germany, Spain, Italy
China, Hong Kong, Australia
USA, Canada


We store your products

We provide all the necessary online software tools for you to check your real-time inventory in our eCargo warehouses any day and at any time.
eCargo ensures a safe and secure storage of your products with 24 hour CCTV surveillance cameras and security personnel.
eCargo offers a highly competitive and efficient pricing structure where we only charge for the actual space and days of occupancy your products use.

We are also specialists in storage of garments and accessories offering:

  • Pallet storage
  • Rack storage
  • Garment on Hanger (GoH) storage
  • Returns, reworking and repacking


We collect your orders

Check your real-time inventory in eCargo warehouses.
eCargo will integrate our warehouse management and stock control systems seamlessly with your order capture system.

Using our OmniChannel Management System enables us to manage all orders and stock consolidation seamlessly and automatically from all your sales channels including your brand eCommerce store, eBay and Amazon.


We handle your orders

All of your customer orders are picked, packed and shipped either same day or within a maximum of 24 hours of the orders being received.

  • 100% accuracy is ensured by our well-trained operators and best in class quality control procedures
  • Customised packing list with your own design and logo
  • Variety of packing materials and customised packaging services
  • Report for inventory, orders, shipped items etc


We ship your orders

An unrivalled variety of shipping partner solutions with a pricing structure that will further benefit you and your customers.