Web Design – Catering to the Chinese Online Shopper

The design of your eCommerce site is important. Understanding the online shopper’s behaviour, user experience, user interface, and navigation require an experience team that understands the market.

We are here for business, so we do not encourage creativity for its own sake; it has to flow within the context of the brand, the budget, and the business brief. Within those parameters, we set our designers free to invent an online world in which your brand can flourish.

eCargo employs a team of highly trained and experienced designers that have designed countless eCommerce sites catered to the Chinese population. Our team understands web elements and is able to use colors, styles, image locations, proper navigation and more to help build the ideal website. We will incorporate your brand’s story and image in the design but at the same time add elements to suit the Chinese market.

In addition to websites, we can develop your presence in the social media, create interactive games, virals, videos, animations, posters, and banners, and illustrate it all with stunning photography.