Brand Strategy

eCargo helps brands that are entering China build a comprehensive brand marketing strategy. We recognize what is needed in order to build a proper marketing campaign to communicate the brand’s story effectively.

Part of the planning stage we work closely with brands’ internal stakeholders and external marketing agency (if one exists). In partnership with a few digital marketing agencies in China for eMarketing programs, we can customize a unique marketing campaign for you. We also employ in-house experienced professionals that focus on social-media marketing campaigns and search-engine marketing.

The typical process in building a brand strategy can be divided into three core stages:

First Stage
- Focus on fundamental platform set-up.
- A period of 1-2 months is required to set up the brand in various social media platforms, search engines, media outlets and KOLs.

Second Stage
- Focusing on user engagement.
- This stage can range from 3-10 months depending on the comprehensive strategy.
- Our team will develop many user engagement campaigns to help with connecting the brand to the customers.

Third Stage
- Focusing on sales conversion.
- After the brand’s story, image and credibility has been established, the remaining steps will be to focus on sales conversion via on-going user engagement.

Our process