Who are we?

OE1A2194eCargo is an eCommerce enabler, providing holistic eCommerce solution, to designer brands, retailers and branded manufacturers who wish to operate eCommerce businesses in China.

While eCargo is focused on the China market, it also provides services internationally to Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom, as well as other countries.

eCargo is considered unique as it is currently the only business operating in the China market that can provide all of these services to its clients in a “one stop shop” service offering.

eCargo provides five key e-Service areas to clients who enter the China eCommerce market:
• eCommerce IT
• eSupport
• eMarketing
• eOperation
• eFulfillment

Clients seeking to enter the market may engage eCargo to provide all services required to develop a marketing strategy, create a web site, store and manage inventories, launch their product range, market their products to potential consumers, receive orders and payments, deliver the products and provide any after sale services that may be required.